Melissa Grace Henderson

Pride's a very tricky thing,

That dwells within our soul.

It can make you fight, when you're not right,

when tempers flair and roll.

And saying, "I'm sorry" ain't easy,

When pride gets in the way.

It can make you leave the ones you love

When you really want to stay.

But pride's not always evil.

It reminds us of who we are.

And, it will always be inside you

When you wander near and far.

Pride can make you smile at pain

With a great big lump in your throat.

When it seems you're on a sinking ship

Pride says, "Don't leave the boat."

And life will take you places

Where pride won't let you stay.

And your heart will make a list of those

you hurt along the way.

But, those who love you when you're weak,

will love you when you're strong.

And, they'll do their best to get

You to the place that you belong.

Going back's not simple,

When you know you've made mistakes.

But, you'll be a better person

However long it takes.

Because whatever you do,

And where ever you roam,

Know in your heart

You can always go home