~ Whispers ~

Winds are full of whispers

Quiet special sounds

That give to us a melody

That in our hearts rebound

A rustle in a tree top

A gushing through of leaves

No greater music heard from

  A softly whispered breeze

I hear these sounds of beauty

  They fill my heart with ease

The wind will be my lover

  My soul will be so pleased

Hear a gentle raindrop

Gently falling down

A symphony of music

To which my love is bound.

~ Francine ~

~ Souls In Flight ~

Always search for rainbows

 See them in the sky

Looking to the heavens

 Catching dreams on high

Love forever captured

Held within the heart

Moments of sweet memories

  Never will they part

Once our souls are joined

  In journey of this flight

Our hearts forever captured

In the beauty of the night

Always on these clouds of love

  Travel seems so light

Brought to me with special wish

You're never out of sight.

~ Francine ~

~ Journey With Me ~

Journey with me through fields of love

Through flowers soft with dew

Touched by all of nature's love

My heart so joined with you

You fill my soul with warmth of sun

You give me gentle breeze

You are the perfect balance of

The sweetest air I breathe

Each step I take belongs to you

Our hearts are so entwined

You always are right next to me

No greater peace I find

So journey with me through this life

That we may always know

Each step we take will lead us to

The place where love will grow.

~ Francine ~

~ Dreams Of You ~

I sleep in peaceful dreams of you

With flowers all around

Such beauty I can feel in dreams

  In quiet gentle sounds

You fill my dreams with ecstasy

  You fill my life with peace

A gentleness pervades me

A love that does increase

I see you walking close to me

I feel your gentle kiss

My eyes awake to find you there

My heart is filled with bliss

My Knight in shining armor

A prince that makes life bright

Has given me his greatest gift

A kiss that captures light.

~ Francine ~