Gallery Of Dreams

Like the clouds in the sky, drifting by,

changing shapes every moment,

never the same again

Like the wind on the sea, waters flowing


The caroussel of life keeps turning on and on,

never standing still

like the changing tides and the seasons,

like a grinding wheel

going round your mind, changing scenes

in the gallery of your dreams.

All the beatiful moments

and moments of pain

like the pages of a book

being lit by the flame

all the days of our lives seem to vanish away

and pictures are just to remain.

Sometimes face to face and heart to heart,

sometimes feeling lost, being torn apart

like the coloured leaves sailing in the autumn wind

nothing really is what it seems

in the gallery of your dreams

Behind the mask of illusion there's a reality

someone's face in a mirror, is it you is it me?

Ev'ry piece and ev'ry part of your fantasy

is a door to yourself and a key

to the gallery of your dreams