~Anne Harmsen~

Silver lace to lay my path,

Stars with hue of jewels bright

To ever more my footsteps light

Under the cloak of velvet night ---

This magic night, through which I pass...

Moon of pearl and opal gleam,

Shadowed path and rushing stream

Flowing past to shores unseen,

Of which I can only dream -

Such fragile dreams, fleeting and fast...

Oh, such spells do one beguile!

"Softly come, and stay a while,"

The star-song sings; and over miles

And long away, the moon does smile;

Her lovely face and silver cast...

Mirrored gold as silver -- thin

And fine the thread my Moon does spin,

Now let the dance of night begin:

The shadows echo soft compline

In still of night, which long shall last...


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