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Mr. Andre Thibedoux of Bayou Pompideux, owner of the HERE CHICKIE CHICKIE Poultry Farms, has recently developed a new super strain of poultry that will surely effect the chicken industry.

Mr. Thibedoux has crossed a Rhode Island Red with an Ostrich and feeds them exclusely on his secret formula.
He did say a portion of the feed formula consists primarily of Fermented Okra Plant leaves and Zataran's Gumbo Mix..

Mr. Thibedoux explained how his discovcery came about:
"I wus over to Henri Lebec's place las month and he had dis big pile of de stinkiest stuff I ever did smell.
He say it wuz de fermented okra plant leaves dat he couldn't find no use for.
He say. Andre, I pay you $2.86 if you lode dem in yo pickup and get dem outta dere.
I say: You gots a deal, Henri Lebec, cause I figger wit someting what stink lak dat, dere's bound to be some use for dem.

On my way bak to de farm, I drive by Mama Moutons Snack Bar and Exxon Service Station to gits me sum gaz and Mais, rat dere in front of de sto one of dem big ol Zataran deliver truks done run smak dab into a big ol cyprus tree.
Dere wus dem little boxes of Zatarans Gumbo Mix, whut dey sell to de turist, spilled out all over de road.

Dat truk driver not tu happy bout pickin up all dat mess, so he say:
Andre, I giv you $1.49 if you pik up all dem spilt boxes and haul dem off in yo pickup truck.
I say: You gots a deal, Mr. Truk Driver, cause I figger wit someting what de tourist like, dere's bound to be some use for dem.

So, I piles dem in de bak o de pick up truk wit dat stinky mess an hauls dem off

I dump de hole mess on my bak chikin lot, where I raisin dat new breed, I discover.
De nex mawning, I look bak dere and dem baby chiken act lak dey can't git enough o dat stuff in dere little craws.
Dey done eat up bout haf dat pile, I garontee.
De nex day I notice dem baby ckick dun growed almos a foot. Mais, I say to mysef, Andre, I tink you gonna mak a lotta money on dem chikens if dey keep growin lak dat.
Some fella up Nawth in Kentucky, name Kernal Sandford or someting lak dat tell me he gonna buy all dem chikens i can raise.
Mais, dat sho did tickle my gizzard.

I got Maurice Gatreux to tak dis pictur fo me, wit dat Kodak Camera he won at de Bingo Parlor.
Dat Maurice say to me, Andre, you puts a rope on dat critter, cause I aint get near dat big ting. less you hol on to him...

Here de pictur of dat chicken. 1