A large green chicken like creature, approximatly eight foot tall, was seen on Bayou Pompideux near Maurice Gatreaux's shack early this morning.
As this reporter was having supper at Mama Moutons Snack Bar and Exxon Service station, I was again confronted, by Mr. Gatreaux, who seemed to be in a high state of agitation (or maybe his normal state of intoxication).

Mr Gatreaux related this story to me about his latest encounter....

Now you not gonna believ dis,Mr.Reporter man, but dere's anudder big ugly critter out on Bayou Pompideux!.
Las Satty mornin', I brung myself out back to my shed, to gits me some of dat walla wine,dat mak you wanna do de chankachank all nite long. I keeps it in de shed cause dat stuff's too dangerous to keep in de shack, you know.
I looks in de shed and Mais!, I almos poo poo.
I sez, Maurice, som ting done broke in you shed and drunk six bottles of dat walla wine, ol' Henri sell you...
I bet dat no good Gaston Thibedeaux dun slip in here an stole my walla wine. Look at all dem empty bottles on de floor.

Den, on Mondy nite, I hears a big racket down in de shed.
Mais!, dis time I almos poo poo fo sure.
I see de ugliest critter running back in de swamp wit two mo bottles of my walla wine. I garontee, it not ol' Gaston Thibedaux,at all.

Dat ugly critter look lak a giant chickin,wit green fedders an wit a long 'gator tail an a long nek wit a hed lak a snappin' turtle.
It don hav no wings, insted it hav arms lak a gator an hands wit big claws.
Mais!, I tink if I see one more ting lak dat ugly chikin or dat giant cajun,I see las month,
I gonna move way up Nawth, mebbe as far as Tennessee.

Mama Mouton started sellin' dat walla juice, and old Henri Lebec found out, dat if you stuffed dem okra poda and dem petit red tong babettes, (you city folk done call "Little Red Tongue Okra ClusterBugs)", in a barrel of it, it mak de bes wine dis ol' cajun ever drink, I garontee.

You know...when ol Henri sell me dat fust bottle of walla wine las month...dats about de same time, I begin to see all dem critters on de bayou.

I know you not gonna believe me so las night, I rigged up dat Kodak Camra, dat I won at de Bingo Parlor, wit a trip wire lak I catch dem rabbits wit.
When dat critter got in my shed to git my walla wine, it hit dat wire and mais!, here dat pitcur of de ugly ting.