July 6,2005

Dear Ms. Poiriot,

I am writing you in reference to four lots in Cotter, Arkansas that you own.
The lots are number 405,406,407,408 located at Mclean Ave. and Eighth St.

My residence is located directly across Mclean Ave from your property.
I also own lots 401,402,403,404 that are adjacent to your property on the East side
and across the street from my residence.

I would be very interested in purchasing your property if you will consider selling it.
The reason I would like to purchase your lots is to keep the pristine beauty of the view
of the valley and the White river.

There are very few open areas left that afford a clear view of the river and valley.
This purchase would not only enhance my view by keeping it clear, but also would be
enjoyed by the citizens of Cotter who pause to enjoy the the view.

If you will consider selling them I would be forever grateful for allowing us to continue
enjoying one of the few areas that afford such a lovely sight.

I will gladly pay a reasonable price if you will sell them to me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jim Brooks

James I. Brooks PO Box 367
731 Mclean Ave.
Cotter, Ar. 72626

Res. 870-435-5596
Cell. 870-405-4353

I await your reply