Willam Kerr was a son of William KERR of the Campbell Station Community.

William was one of the five eldest sons of James Sr & Mary (MITCHELL) KERR of the Spring Hill or north area of Maury Co.

The five eldest sons of James Sr. were William, John, Andrew Marshall, James and Samuel. Three of these sons settled of the southeast side of Maury Co near Culleoka and Campbell Station along Fountain Creek and the branches that feed into it.

The father James Sr. first came into Maury Co in the Spring Hill Community shortly after 1805. Very likely the father James Sr. had a large tract of land down in that area which he gifted to his sons.

William KERR was born in 1781 in Orange County North Carolina. He moved to Spring Hill TN with his father James KERR, Sr. during the early 1800s.

Sometime later he moved to Campbell Station on the south side of the County. He was a mechanic and farmer by trade but was building furniture during 1850.

William was a democrat and member of the Presbyterian Church. He died on Dec 3, 1853 and is buried in the Shane Cemetery (in a marked grave) of the Community where he lived.

William's brother, James Jr, was one of the founders of the Foutain Heights Academy a forerunner of Pleasant Grove Academy School.

Andrew M. was the first  teacher and lived nearer to Culleoka and resided along Fountain Creek somewhere.

John, the second brother lived north of Culleoka in the vicinity of Hurricane Switch (Glendale) and it is known he owned and ran the old Love Grain Mill for a time.

William lived furtherest south in the Campbell Station Area. The eldest brother, William KERR, served on the jury that convicted one of the county's first murderers.

There were two William KERRS living in early Maury Co. history but the other William lived on the south western side of the county and was of the second generation of William, a son of James.

Source: Kerr Family Histoiry Project, by Frank Kerr McDaniels, written about 1990 from other Kerr History sources