dated March 25,1843;probated July 1843; Exrs: William A.Sample and David Witt; witness: G.W.Alexander Jurat and John Kerr. Mecklenburg, NC;will book H"857"/p.126

Being of sound mind and memory, but considering the uncertainity of my worldly existence, do make this my last will and testament in the manner following of my property as my circumstances will allow.

I have already given to my son, Hugh Kerr, such part of my property as my circumstances allow.
I will to my son, John Kerr and to my nephew, James H. Kerr, a part of my land lying on the North side of Kerr's creek, beginning at a white oak corner near the mouth of my spring branch on the South side of the said creek, then 32E.170 poles to a hickory,
then N.4,W.75 poles to a stone corner at the old pine corner,
then S.88W.105 poles to a white oak and hickory, then N.80 W.86 poles crossing the creek to a large stooping black oak top, a pine on top of a stooping black oaktop, then S.2 E.63 poles to a post oak, then about N.81,E.120 poles crossing the creek to a hickory, then N.82,E.16 poles to a white oak, then to the beginning corner containing 117 acres to be equally divided the said John Kerr and James H. Kerr, according to the quality and quanity.

I bequeath to my two nieces, Elizabeth and Mary Kerr; and the daughters of my son William, deceased to have their support of James H.Kerr's part of the above land during their single life.
The division of the above land to be made so as to give the heirs of Wiliam Kerr, decd. as much advantage as justice will admit.
John Kerr, having his part on the East side of the tract, I will bequeath that my son John Kerr and nephew James H.Kerr pay thirty dollars each to be divided between my beloved daughters, Margaret and Mary Cross being equally to be out their part of the land.

I will to my daughter, Jane Kerr, all my farming utensils, a pair of drawing chains, my blacksmith tools, and my bay horse, and these items are to be for the use of my family as long as they remain together.

I also will to Jane Kerr my loom and tackling, a wagon chest, my cupboard,and a large pot,
but my bedding is to be divided equally between my daughters, Jane and Esther.
I will to my daughters, Rachel and Barbara each a cow, to Rachel, $15.00, and to Barbara, my clock.

All the remaining property is to be sold, and from the proceeds, my just debts are to be paid.

Exrs: Trusty friends, William A. Sample and David Witt. Witness: G.W.Alexander Jurat and John Kerr.

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