The ancestry of Moses Park is unproven. Percival David Park, of Charlottesville, VA, in his manuscript, "Possible Origins of Some Park Families in the Eastern Part of Old Rowan County, North Carolina", August 1994, has concluded that Moses Park is most probably a descendant of Roger Parke of Hunterdon County, NJ (born in England about 1638, came to New Jersey about 1682, died after 1703, probably at Hopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey). One of Roger Parke's sons was John Parke (born about 1674, died about 1757), who married Sarah Smith, daughter of Andrew Smith, Sr. One of the sons of Sarah Smith and John Parke was named John Parke, and is referred to in the "Origins" manuscript as John Parke II. John Parke II wife's name was Mary, and these may be the parents of Moses Park (b. 1738, d. 1828). These men are found in official records, but the suggested relationships are based on circumstantial evidence and cannot be confirmed with currently available information.


Moses Park 1738-1818":
Received land grant, # 808 from the State of North Carolina apparently for service in the State Militia during the Revolutionary War, on the north side of the Yadkin River, comprising some 638 acres, "between the mouth of Lick Creek and Cabin Creek beginning at a beech on the River bank above the mouth of Cabin Creek near Israel Cox's corner to a cedar on the bank of Lick Creek thence the meanders of the creek and river to the beginning."
Moses and Mary sold 236 acres of this tract to John Parks (son of Ebenezer) for 50 pounds on April 28, 1787. On March 7, 1788, they sold the remaining 402 acres to Anthony Peeler, John Parks's father-in-law, for 261 pounds.
On March 17, 1788, Moses and Mary purchased the 225.75 acre farm of John and Rachel Sturgeon in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, located on the north side of the West Fork of Twelve Mile Creek for 260 pounds.
Moses Park served as an elder in the Providence Presbyterian Church 1 1