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December 17,2001

Kathy had surgery Friday on her right lung and the results are very encouraging.
The surgeon removed some granulated tissue from the middle lobe of her right lung that proved to be non malignant and cancer free.
He removed the remaining portion of the middle lobe as a precautionary measure
and with the results of the recent PET Scan and CAT Scan, there is no indication of any malignancy in Kathy.
  The surgeon said the removal of the middle lobe would have no effect on Kathy's breathing, due to her excellent overall health.
In all probability, the recent chemo therapy . Kathy has had, destroyed all cancer cells and we are praying this will remain the case.
Kathy is feeling well, although a little sore, and hopefully she will be allowed to come home by Wednesday.
There is no doubt in my mind the many prayers that have been offered for Kathy is the real reason she has had such good results. Kathy told me the other night she could feel the presence of them and knew the outcome would be good.
We will be eternally grateful to all of you for your concern and your prayers.
God Bless You All and we hope your Christmas Season will be as happy as ours.

December 6,2001

Things are going fairly well and hopefully they will keep getting better.
  Kathy has finished her Chemo-Therapy and it completely cleared up the cancer cells in the left pleural cavity. There is, however, an area of concern on her right lung.
We went to the thoracic surgeon today for a consultation and Kathy will be admitted to the hospital next Thursday for an exploratory procedure. The recent CAT scan indicated a suspicious area in the right middle lobe that could be possibly simple scar tissue or possibly a more serious residual tumor.
One good sign is it hasn't increased in size since the CAT scan in August.
The surgeon, Dr. Lancaster, will do a biopsy to determine if cancer cells are present.
If this is the case he will remove the affected tissue which could include removing the middle lobe, as a worse case scenario.
Optimistically, the biopsy will indicate a benign area with no cancer cells present.
We are both praying this will be the case. Kathy will be in the hospital a minimum of three days for the procedure and observation.
Again we ask you for your prayers and good thoughts. I will send out an update after we know the results

November 28,2001
I finally have enough information to bring you up to date on Kathy's progress.
Things are beginning to look very promising and we are keeping our fingers crossed until we have the results of the next procedure.
Kathy finished the chemo-therapy treatments on Nov 2nd and she tolerated the medications with little difficulty and fortunately no nausea.
On Nov 13th they did a CAT Scan and a PET Scan and both procedures showed excellent results.
We saw Dr. Miranda today and he is very pleased with the results.
The area in the left pleural cavity and lung that had the effusion (liquid build up) has completely cleared up with no signs of cancer.
The PET Scan does show an abnormality in the right middle lobe and is possibly a residual tumor, although quite small.
  It does not appear significantly changed from the CAT Scan Kathy had on Aug 24th.
The doctor gave us the option of either waiting six months and seeing if there is a significant change or having a biopsy performed now to see if the area is carcinogenic.
In the event it is a cancer, they will treat it with radiation therapy.
Kathy has decided to have the biopsy now rather than waiting to see if the area changes.
She has an appointment on Dec 4th with the thoracic surgeon to set up a time for the biopsy.
  They will perform the procedure with Kathy under sedation and there should be no discomfort.
With God's will, the biopsy will show no cancer and things will get back to normal.
One happy thought, Kathy now has more hair than I do and it continues to grow rapidly.
We again thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. God bless you all

October 13,2001

Kathy is doing real well and will start Cycle 6 of chemotherapy next Friday.

In three weeks they will do another cat-scan and I believe the doctor will make a determination then as to future treatments.

Kathy has tolerated the chemotheraphy amazingly well.

She has had no nausea throughout the treatments and for that we are thankful.

She does have some aching and ankle swelling, but she handles it very well.

Her blood chemistry is low, which is to be expected, but her energy level seems to be improving.

She is driving and shopping again and that is a sure sign she is feeling better.

Her hair is beginning to show signs of regrowth and that really makes her happy.

The kids surprised her with a birthday party on the 1st and it was great having everyone together.

We again thank you all for your caring and prayers. They are really appreciated.


August 27, 2001

Kathy has completed cycle three and will start cycle four Friday. The first day of each cycle is the roughest and the medications take about four hours to administer. They implanted a catheter port while she was in the hospital, prior to her treatments and it makes it much easier and more comfortable to administer the different medicines. It certainly beats having an IV inserted each week.

She had a Cat-Scan last Friday and Dr. Miranda, her Oncologist, just called a few minutes ago and was optimistic in his report. He said the results showed a marked decrease in cancer cells and we are praying this will continue to be the results of future chemo therapy treatments.

Kathy has quite a bit of pain in her legs and her ankles tend to swell in the evenings. The doctor prescribed pain medication and it helps a lot. She continues to tire easily and the fatigue is a nuisance for her.

Karen has been coming home a few days each week, from Mountain Home,Ar. and with the help Mark and Donna are giving, we are doing pretty well.

Again we thank all of you for your cards, flowers, and prayers. They are greatly appreciated.
God bless you.....

August 3, 2001

Kathy finished the second cycle of her chemo-therapy today and is doing fairly well with the exception of aching in her legs and general feeling of fatigue.
This, however, goes along with the treatment and is to be expected.
The doctor prescribed pain medication and it helps a lot.

We didn't see the doctor today, so there's not much to report on Kathy's progress.
Her white blood count was up and that is encouraging.

Cycle Three starts next Friday which consists of three medications. It takes about four hours for the treatment and is quite tiring on Kathy.
We will see the doctor next week and hopefully he will let us know the prognosis and when another cat-scan will be scheduled.

We wish to thank each of you for your good wishes and your prayers. It really means a lot to us.

I saw my doctor yesterday and he said I was doing quite well and still assures me the procainamide induced Lupus will subside.

We thank God for our children, Karen and Mark and their families, who continue to be a tremendous help to us. We count our blessings each day for our good fortune.

Here is a photo of the Skyline Medical Center where Kathy is being treated. It is an excellent facility and the staff is outstanding.

I will keep you posted on Kathy's progress and she sends her love to all of you. She also is very grateful for the many cards and flowers she has received.

God Bless You......


July 23, 2001

Kathy started Cycle 2 of her chemo-therapy Friday 7/20 and tolerated it well.

The Oncology Clinic, a part of the Skyline Medical Center, is also brand new and is staffed with angels.
Everyone there goes that extra mile to insure the patients are comfortable and closely attended.
We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful facility here.

Kathy was having some pain when she awoke this morning, but is feeling much better now after taking her medication.
She just finished breakfast and we are happy that she has had very little nausea.
Aside from the fatigue she experiences, she has been feeling quite well.

Kathy was fitted with a wig last week and even I have difficulty in distinguishing it from her real hair.
It is absolutely perfect.

Having been active her entire life, Kathy finds it difficult to lay around doing nothing.
I am becoming a pretty good chief cook and bottle washer.
Thinking of the many times she has nursed me back to good health, I am happy to repay the many debts I owe her.

Karen has been coming home each week for a few days and has been a tremendous help to us.
Michael and Muggs(our grandpuppy) came this week and we have enjoyed them very much.

A grandchild's love is priceless therapy.

Mark and his family returned last night from their Florida vacation, so we will be able to hug our other two grandchildren, Brittany and Benjamin tonight.

Mark and Donna have also been a tremendous help and comfort to us.
Kathy and I are very fortunate to have such a wonderful family and dear friends.

Words cannot describe our appreciation for the love and prayers we have received.

Kathy sends her love to all of you and we are determined to beat this thing.

Kathy and Jim