Had Issue

1. Rebecca Orr b. 5 June,1810, Maury Co.Tn. d. 3 January 1892(Mo)..m.16 December,1829, to Levi Haynes.
Migrated to Missouri from Giles Co. in 1855.
Had 11 children
Levi Haynes was a Presbyterian minister.

2. Jane Orr b.3 May,1812 d. 12 Jun,1892.. m. 30 May 1832 to Benjamin Brown Kerr Had Issue: William W. b.1833; James Porter b.1835; Mary E. b.1839; Carson R. b.1843; Lafayette B. 1848.. Family migrated to Missouri or Mississippi in 1850.

3. **WILLIAM DONNELL ORR b. 26 May,1814,Maury County, Tn...d. 8 Sept,1890...Diana,Tn...m. 26 September,1833..in Giles County,Tn. to FANNIE ELLINOR KERR b. 12 May.1814(NC)..d. 2 December, 1872(TN)

4. James Porter Orr b.4 April,1817,Maury Co.Tn. d. 11 Oct,1900, Bear Creek Cemetary,MarshaLL Co,Tn....m. 13 April 1843 to Elizabeth J.Walker b.1825(Tn)
Had issue: Mary J. b.1844; William T. b.1845; Carson L. b.1847; Nelson M. b.1850; Harvey R. b.1851; Neuton W. b. 1854; James W. b. 1856; Sarah b.1860.

5. Samuel King Orr b. 4 April 1817(Twin of James Porter Orr).. d.11 Oct,1900,Bear Creek Cemetary,Marshall Co.TN. m. 16 Jan.1840 to Mary Elizabeth(Eliza) Kerr b,1831(Tn.)
Had issue: Elizabeth b.1843; Carson T. b.1845; Robert J. b.1847; Columbus H. b.1850; Mary E. b.1853.

6. Robert Moore Orr b. 9 Jun.1819,Maury Co. Tn. d. 12 Feb.1910,Bear Creek Cemetery. m. 8 Feb.1849 to Mary Ann Pickens b.1827
Had Issue: James H. b.1853; Robert R. b.1855; Sally J. b.1857.

7. Thomas Walker Orr b. 7 Jan.1822 Maury Co.Tn. d.8 March 1878 Bear Creek Cemetery. m. 24 Oct.1844 to Mary Walker b. 1825.
Had issue: Marshal W. b.1845 d. prior to 1860; Thomas J. b.1848; Henry W. b.1810; James W. b.1854; Mary C, b.1856; Sarah E. b.1858; Emma b.1860.

Time Line Of Events: James Orr
Davidson Co.Tn. b.1787
Sumner Co.Tn..cir. 1800
Williamson Co.Tn. 1805
Maury Co (Marshall Co).Tn 1811
War Of 1812: Pvt. James Orr served with the 1st Tennessee Battalion Of Mounted Gunmen under the command of Col. R.H. Dyer and Capt. James McMahon. War service included Pensacola, 7 Nov. 1814 and New Orleans, 8 Jan. 1815.
Marshall Co..d.13 Oct.1876.


LORENTZ, JOHANNES b.1666 Bellheim, (GER). married ANNA MARGARETHA.......b. 1694 (GER)
Had Issue

LOWRANCE, JOHN b. 1716(NJ) d. 1781(NC) married MARY PERKINS b. 1720
Had Issue

LOWRANCE, JACOB b.1759(NC) d.1855(TN) married REBECCA BEARD b. 1766 d.1852(TN)
Had Issue

LOWRANCE, ELIZABETH. b. 20 NOV 1787 ,Rowan Co.,NC.
d. 22 FEB 1863 ,Marshall Co.,TN.