This genealogy traces the lineage from John Brooks of England and his wife Susan of England circa. early 1700s through six generations to Jesse R. Brooks of Grundy County, Tennessee and from Sir John Parke of England to Frances L. Park of Davidson County, Tennessee. The lineage continues for an additional three generations of their progeny.

The information contained herein is based on my personal research and is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Special credits to: Mrs. Ida Brooks Kellam's excellent genealogical records published in 1950 in Wilmington, N.C.; Mrs. Willie Wade Martin, Nashville,Tn.;Joe Kerr, Goodlettsville, Tn.; Dr.Brooks Gilmore,Greensboro,NC; The Nashville Room of the Nashville Public Library; The Archives Library of the State Of Tennessee in Nashville; and information furnished by my relatives. A special thanks to all my new found cousins on the internet for their input.

James I.Brooks