Generation No. 1 1. JOHN*1 BROOKS, Esq. was born Abt. 1690 in England, and died 1766 in Chatham Co. NC. He married SUSAN...? in England. She was born Aft. 1690 in England, and died Abt. 1766 in NC.

Notes for JOHN* BROOKS: Some books say John and Susan brought their children from England to America. Others believe the children of John and Susan were born in Virginia . John and Susan moved to Fayetteville NC in 1736 from Virginia

In the DAR book Centennial Edition it list; Isaac, B. 1735 NC who married Ruth Terrell and Hannah Harper ,James b .c 1725 in Virginia who married Elizabeth, Margret and Unity. Joab b.1735, England who married Kathern Dimmaux. Mark, b. 1720 England, no wife, Thomas, b. c1720 ,NC. who married Mary.

It is known that 5 of the 6 sons served in the Rev. War.

t is quite possible that they came here from England with children and had more after they arrived. Notes for SUSAN !: There has been no proof to date of Susan's surname.
Some say Narsin, Johnson or Winfred.       Children of JOHN* BROOKS and SUSAN....?

2.i. JOHN2 BROOKS, b. 1715, Prob. England.
3.ii. THOMAS* BROOKS, b. Abt. 1710, NorthCarolina; d. 1796, Chatham Co. North Carolina. 
iii. MARK BROOKS, b. Abt. 1720, England; d. 1819, North Carolina; m. FANNIE HARRIS; b. Bef. 1810.
 Notes for MARK BROOKS: DAR list: Mark Brooks b c 1720 EN d 1819 NC CS NC 4.iv. MARTHA BROOKS, b. Aft. 1720. v. JAMES BROOKS, b. Abt. 1725, Virginia; d. Aft. 1812, Georgia; m. (1) MARGARET THOMASON; b. Aft. 1725; m. (2) ELIZABETH SMITH; m. (3) UNITY CARROLL.

 Notes for JAMES BROOKS: DAR PVT- SC James Brooks-b c 1735 Virg-d p -1812 m(1)Elizabeth Smith (2)Margaret Thomason (3) Eunity--- JOAB BROOKS, b. Abt. 1712, North Carolina; d. 1775, Chatham Co. North Carolina.
 vii. ISSAC BROOKS, b. Abt. 1727, North Carolina; d. 1825, Chatham Co. North Carolina; m. (1) HANNAH HARPER; b. Aft. 1700; m. (2) RUTH TERRELL, Abt. 1750; b. Abt. 1730; d. Abt. 1790, Chatham Co. North Carolina..

 Notes for ISSAC BROOKS: DAR- PVT CS NC James Brooks-b1735 NC d 1825 NC m (1) Ruth Terrell (2)Hannah Harper