(Tune:"Battle Hymn of the Republic")

There's something strong and mighty;
in a good old fashioned name;
The name of Brooks shines very high; upon the scroll of fame.
For nearly all the Tribe of Brooks; pursue a lofty aim.
The clan goes marching on.

Glory, glory to our family;
Brooks. our clan, all true and loyal;-
our good name, we hold with honor.
The clan goes marching on.

John Brooks, with his wife Susan; were the leaders of our clan;
Their six sons, who came with them; from England to this land;
Joab,Thomas, Mark,John,Jr.; and Isaac sired our clan,
The Clan goes marching on.
The Clan of Brooks is mighty; with two hundred thousand strong;
In seventy six, five hundred kinsmen; fought to right a wrong;
sixty towns now bear our name; So, let us sing our song.
The Clan goes marching on.
When danger threatens country; or a battle to be won;
Brave sons of Brooks are there; and ne'er a kindsman did run;-
The sons of Brooks have courage; all foes or tasks to face.
The Clan goes marching on.
Our daughters all are lovely; with their beauty and their grace;
our wives are loyal partners; who share this life we face;
Our mothers love is ever; a blessing to embrace.-
The clan goes marching on
In England, Wales and Scotland; and the Emerald Isle as well;
In U.S.A. and Canada; in city, plain and dell;
Where English tongue is spoken; that is where our kinsmen dwell.
The Clan goes marching on.