JAMES KERR,SR. b.1710 (Glascow,Scotland) d. 1800 m. ROWENA SPEAR (Scotland)

Had Issue:

1. William Kerr b. 1735-45 d. Died in Revolutionary War.
2. John Kerr b. 1735-45 d. Died in Revolutionary War.
3. JAMES KERR,JR, b. 7/03/1743(Pa) d.3/13/1818(TN) m.1780, *NANCY MITCHELL b.1755-58(NC) d. 1818 (TN)

Note: James Kerr,Jr. also served in Revolutionary War.

Had Issue

1. WILLLIAM KERR b.1781 (Orange Co NC) d.2 Dec.1853(Campbells Sta.Tn) m. (1st) Kathrine Ross (2nd) Mary (Polly) Gray Crafton b. 13 May 1800(Tn) d.15 Aug.1875(Tn)
2. John Kerr b. 1783 d.1865 m. Mary Orr b.1795 d.1881
3. Andrew Marshall Kerr b. 1786 d. 1864 m. Clotilda Moreen
3. James Kerr b.1788 d. 1859 m. Nancy Ross
4. Samuel Mitchell Kerr b.1790 d. 1881 m. Anna Paisley
5. Mary (Polly) Kerr b.1792 d. 1853 m. John Odill
6. Nancy McGowan Kerr b. 1795 d.?
7. David Spear Kerr b.1797 d. 1872
WILLIAM KERR 1781-1853 m. (1st) Katherine Ross b. 1785 d.1826

Had Issue:

1. Nancy Kerr
2. Andrew Ross Kerr
3. Eliza Kerr
4. Alice (Alcy) Kerr
5. William N. Kerr
6. James H. Kerr
7. John T. Kerr
8. Thomas B. Kerr
9. Sarah H. Kerr
10.Susan C. Kerr
11.Taswell B. Kerr

WILLIAM KERR Married (2nd) MARY (POLLY) GRAY CRAFTON b. May 13, 1800(TN) d. Aug.15,1875(TN)

Had Issue:

1. Samuel T. Kerr
1. LOUISA JANE KERR b. 1829 d.1908 m. WILLIAM HENRY HOBBS b. 1824 d.1871
2. Parmela Kerr b.1836 d. 1887
3. Joseph Bunyon Kerr b. 1829 d.1905

*NANCY MITCHELL: Nancy's parents were of Scotch-Irish Descent. Her father, Andrew Mitchell, and mother,Mary McGowan, were married in Ireland and emigrated from County Limerick, and settled in the Scotch-Irish Colony in Western Pennsylvania about 1750.